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Tip for running LiveCDs on borderline systems


This may be obvious to some but it wasn't to me so I thought that I
would pass it along just in case it helps someone else.

I have an old laptop that is having issues trying to run any recent
LiveCD (Dell Latitude 700MHz with 128 MB RAM) because it does not meet
the minimum recommended system requirements. This makes it kind of
difficult to use some of the more recent utilities contained on those
CDs for data recovery, forensics, troubleshooting, etc. where you
don't want to put a swap partition on the built-in drive.

I also have a bunch of redundant 256 MB USB thumb drives which sit
unused since multi-gig sticks are cheap as dirt now.

I was able to get the old laptop to run the recent LiveCDs by
formatting the thumb drive as a linux swap partition and using it
during boot. Recent LiveCDs will recognize and use the swap partition
on the USB stick and allow you to completely load the desktop.

It is not a quick boot ... but it might make the difference between
working and not. I would certainly recommend a LiveCD that uses XFCE
by default.

There are many other ways of doing this but this is a simple one that
keeps two things out of the dumpster.


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