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Re: Moving F7

Karl Larsen wrote:

>     I have looked at /lib/modules and the first email to my topic said
> it all. "You may need to update your modules". There are thousands of
> modules there. No way can I figure out which one to change. I gather no
> one else knows either. It would have helped if he said kernel modules.

The term "module" in Linux normally means "kernel module".

If you are referring to my original posting,
I didn't say you needed to "update" your modules,
I simply said you need to copy /lib/modules/<version>/
from your old disk to your new one,
together with the appropriate vmlinuz and initrd,
ie the kernel and initrd are not sufficient alone.

>     But the only thing that makes sense is to load a new F7 on the SATA
> hard drive. Then move /home to that F7 and let it update all night. This
> I can do. The module route requires too much learning I don't need to
> have.

Unless you compiled the kernel yourself,
you are almost certain to have all necessary disk-drive modules already,
in /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/ata/ .

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