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Re: about hardware information

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Kam Leo wrote:
Hi, Mikkel.

You're late to the discussion. Tim believes it is not about
installation methods but it is not. Please join in. In case you missed
it here's a quick recap:

No, I just didn't feel like commenting.

1. Nelson was concerned whether FC6 supported his Intel processor. He
said he was told that F7 provided support.

2. Karl replied, recommending the F7 DVD.

Not accurate - he said that you could only do a DVD install. Then
again, I guess CD and DVD installs are the only methods he knows
about, and he doesn't know about the live CDs.

3. Aaron replied, dissing Karl, and said F7 can be installed from a Live CD.

Karl deserves it - between incomplete answers, Telling people they
are wrong when he doesn't understand what is being talked about, and
his blog-type posts, he is not an asset to the mailing list. He
tries to come across as an expert when he knows almost nothing about
the subject. I think the worst part is that he does not know how the
gaps in his knowledge make his statements false, and his advice
almost useless. (I can give examples, if you want.) Add to that his
blaming everything on the piece of software he is currently trying
to understand, and it is almost funny. His intentions may be good,
but his following his advice can be dangerous.

4. I responded to Aaron's post and told him to stop dissing Karl. I
stated that Karl who may not have properly conveyed the thought is
factually correct. My interpretation of what Karl posted is "For F7 go
with the DVD because unlike previous releases a CD-ROM set does not
exist."  I further stated that if you want the DVD equivalent you have
to roll your own set of CD-ROMs.

If the way he conveyed the though leads people to the wrong
conclusion, then the answer is wrong. If nobody corrects him, then
he will continue to give this type of answer. On the other hand,
correcting Karl usually leads to personal attacks on the person
doing the correcting. I have noticed some people are giving him
short answers without explaining the answer. Maybe trying to show
Karl what is wrong with his answers. It does not seem to be working.

5. Tim took issue with the statement regarding rolling your own set.
Tim agrees that Fedora does not offer such a set but that a set is
available from a third party. (I'm still waiting for a link, Tim.)  I
really don't know where Tim got the impression that either Karl or I
said that F7 could only be installed using a DVD. Neither of us stated
such thing.

This thread began as a media recommendation for F7. It was never about
installation method. For some reason Tim believes that it is. What the
heck, I like diversions!

What is the difference between a media recommendation and install
methods? Unless you are talking about what type of DVD-R to use, how
to burn it, or the advantages/disadvantages of burning your own
verses buying a copy, you are talking about install methods.

If your description of what Karl said was accurate, then he was
recommending  an install method. But the way he worded it, it
sounded like a DVD install was the only install method. So is the
problem that Karl is ignorant of other install methods, or that he
is not articulate enough to make his point clearly enough that he is
not misunderstood? It is a problem in ether case.

In any case, I usually ignore Karl's threads, and his problems. It
is not worth putting up with his personal attacks, and his refusal
to entertain the idea that his assumptions may be wrong. Any advice
that does not go along with he current idea of what is wrong is bad
advice... If Karl want to act like he knows it all, he can fix his
own problems.

And his never wrong, always right super man Mikkel just loves to run down other people. If it makes him feel good then fine.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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