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Networked KDE settings

I have a number of individual workstations (Fedora 7 - x86_64) and a
terminal server (K12LTSP-6 which is Fedora 6 - i386) and users can log
into either and that's working nicely.

I set the workstations to use KDE displaymanager and it rather nicely
defaulted to requiring users to enter their password when waking their
computer from screensaver. I like that feature.

I just realized that one user changed his screensaver and he doesn't
have to input a password to reclaim his screen. I think I would like to
prevent that.

I have installed kiosktool which is very cool (thanks Rex) but it seems
that it's an all or none proposition...


which means that users won't be able to overwrite these settings - i.e.
change their screensaver.

Are there any other options?

Craig White <craig tobyhouse com>

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