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Re: Tip for running LiveCDs on borderline systems

On 9/27/07, Kam Leo <kam leo gmail com> wrote:
> Doesn't using the flash drive as a swap disk shorten its life span?

Definitely. How much is debatable considering flash drives typically
have wear leveling and for this application, it is not going to be
providing swap for an extensive period of time. Also, wearing out an
unused flash drive that you don't care much about is not the worst
thing in the world.

Nokia has the option to set up a swap file on the external flash media
with their Internet Tablets and OLPC have just a flash drive for
everything. So I am not sure if they have their algorithms tweaked to
take it easy on the flash memory or if this is more a theoretical
problem  than a practical one.

A good thing to point out though ... I was intending to but forgot. Thanks.


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