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Re: lilo

Craig White wrote:
> I have some Dell 320's and never was able to make grub boot these
> things. Based upon other information I found on bugzilla, I ended up
> simply installing lilo and they boot fine - no problem.
> whenever I update (i.e. yum update), and a new kernel is installed, it
> fails to execute the grub update (mumbles something on screen) but never
> executes a lilo update which of course is an issue. It does however
> change /etc/lilo.conf to reflect the newly installed kernel.
> Is there some configuration change I can make so that when yum/rpm
> installs a new kernel that lilo is actually executed so that the boot
> blocks are changed.

You may want to take a look at the grubby man page. It is the
program that does the update. From a brief look, it looks like you
may be able to modify the grub.conf file to have grubby update lilo.
But it isn't clear if this just affects the config file, or if
grubby will really run lilo.


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