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Re: F7 sound not detected for Realtek 268 (it was ....after USB disk swapping)

antonio montagnani wrote:
> what sounds strange is that if I try to detect the soundcard, from system I get:
> Alsa driver version: 1.0.14
> Lib Alsa packages: alsa-lib-1.0.14-3fc7
> Util Alsa packages alsa-utils-1.0.14-1.fc7
What is probably happening is that because the files from the RPM
are being used instead of the new files. You will have to check the
Make file in the ALSA source to see where the files get installed.
(Or check for them in the usr/local tree.) It is also possible that
you are seeing the version numbers from the RPMs that were
installed. Using make install does not change the RPM database, even
if it does overwrite the files. this is why I like to use the
buildrpm script and then update the RPMs produced.

What does "aplay --version" show?


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