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Re: Moving F7

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I see that you are right.
> What misled me is that there _is_ an initrd in the kernel rpm:
> [tim elizabeth ~]$ rpm -ql kernel- | grep initrd
> /boot/initrd-
> I guess this is used if mkinitrd fails for some reason.
The file is included in the file list, but there is not file in the
kernel RPM itself. It is listed as belonging to the RPM so that it
gets removed when you remove the RPM. We wouldn't want to leave a
bunch of old initrd images cluttering up the system. :)

> Actually, the old kernels and modules I have from pre-SATA Fedora
> do run under Fedora-7, I'm not sure why.
> (I upgraded from FC-5 on one machine, so the old kernels are there.)
I believe that is because the kernel supports your hardware, and the
rest of the system is backwards compatible to those kernels. You
would have to read the change logs to see what has changed. Now, if
you were trying to use a 2.4.x kernel, then you would probably run
into problems. In theory, all 2.6.x kernels should be backwards
compatible. But I am not sure how closely the kernel releases are
following that convention.


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