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Re: CDRom has gone bye-bye

On Thu, 27 Sep 2007 18:08:00 -0400
"Jacques B." <jjrboucher gmail com> wrote:

> On 9/27/07, Chris <racerx makeworld com> wrote:
> > Ruh Roh - Seems my CDRom is AWOL w/kernel
> > Anyone?!
> >
> Have you been able to determine that the kernel is the problem vs the
> CDROM?  Have you booted with a previous kernel, or booted with a live
> CD that uses a different kernel where the CDROM does work?
> Not that I can solve your problem.  But if the issue is with the
> kernel for certain (ascertained through the suggestion above), then
> the next step I'd suggest is post the specs on your CDROM and see if
> others who have the same model running the same kernel are having the
> same problems or  not.
> Jacques B.

Bah - seems to have been a false alarm (?!) Anyways, a reboot and a
removal of what I added last seemed to have cleared it up - that brings
me to a question...

Is it possible that a theme could have "fooled" around and did this? In
any event, it seems that after the removal of the a theme and login
theme cleared this up ... Weird to say the lest.

Best regards,
Registerd Linux user number 448639

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