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Re: daemon server using perl

Gregory P. Ennis wrote:

I would like to create a daemon server that could be used like sendmail,
dovecot etc.  I would like it to monitor a specified port for queries
from a local network, and pass the queries to a database that is not
mysql or postgresql, and return the results to the same port, I do not have experience in C so I would prefer to use perl.
Can anyone point me to a tutorial?

I don't have a tutorial but this should help:

# OK Here is were I need to daemonize this program. (NJC)
#     * Open /dev/tty and use the the TIOCNOTTY ioctl on it. See tty(4)
#       for details. Or better yet, you can just use the POSIX::setsid()
#       function, so you don't have to worry about process groups.
#     * Change directory to /
#     * Background yourself like this:

    setsid() || die "Can't start a new session: $!";
    fork && exit;

Then open your network ports and proceed to listen.

You might also want to use a search engine for "Perl daemon" you'll
find links like this:


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