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Latest Vmware workstation works well with latest kernel

I have just installed Fedora 7 on my system to try as a replacement
for Slackware.  One of the reasons was that I was hoping Fedora would
be an easier host platform to install Vmware Workstation.

Previously I had been running Vmware Workstation 5.5 on Slackware 11
and, although it's doable, you have to mess around with the startup
scripts in /etc/rc.d to get it to work.

My first attempt with Vmware 6.0 in the base Fedora didn't work, if
you do a Google search for "Vmware 6 Fedora 7" you will find that many
people have hit the same problem - low level TCP issues.

However the very latest Vmware 6.01 and the very latest Fedora kernal
( work beautifully.  Vmware installed without a
hitch, started up within Fedora and picked up my XP guest from the
Vmware 5.5 installation.

So hoorah - or something!  :-)

Chris Green

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