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Re: Internet setup problem.

On 9/26/07, Rohan Kulkarni <rohan sjce gmail com> wrote:
> When restarting the network I get the error Bringing up interface eth0
> failed
Someone suggested checking /var/log/messages.

What about the output of your ifconfig -a command? Does it list eth0
as your NIC?  Any other ethX listed there?

I'd also suggest checking dmesg.
# dmesg | grep eth

You should see an entry showing that eth0 becomes ready along with other info.

You can also do a lspic to ensure you have an ethernet controller coming up.

Other commands you can run to troubleshoot (assuming eth0 for your NIC):

#ethtool eth0

#mii-tool eth0

#mii-diag eth0

Of course you don't have to run all of the above, just different ways
you can check the status of an ethernet device.

Also check in /etc/modprobe.conf to see if you have an entry
alias eth0 e100
or some other similar alias command for eth0.

On the GUI side you could check System, Administration, Network (I'm
still on FC6 so my apologies if this has changed in 7 and someone
please correct me if it has).  From there you should see 4 tabs. The
first being Devices.  You should see eth0 listed there and showing as
active if it worked.  If it's not active you can try activating it
from there.  And under the hardware tab you should see your NIC listed
as eth0 with status of OK if it is working properly.

A lot of different ways to ultimately check the same thing. Ensure
that your NIC is eth0 and see what status is being reported back.

By the way is this an on board NIC?  If your system is dual boot does
it work within Windows?  If not dual boot can you get it to work using
a live boot CD such as Knoppix?  If your NIC is not working in other
environments then it may be the problem (I say may be because if a PCI
NIC for example it is possible that the problem is the PCI slot - so
you could try moving the NIC to another slot).

Other possible trouble shooting steps (in case this applies to you)...
Have you added any new hardware preceeding this problem?  If so remove
what was added (shutdown machine first goes without saying but I'll
say it because I do not know your level of technical proficiency) and
try it again.  There is always a possibility of hardware conflict.

Jacques B.

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