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Re: [Fedora] Attachment Size and Memory limit with php and FC6 System

   From your conf.php, it states:

      $conf['compose']['attach_size_limit'] = '10485760';

...which means you have an attachment allowable size of 10 MB. So unless you're screwing with something else elsewhere, this should allow you to send attachments up to 10 MB per message. If all else fails, restart the httpd server and try again.

   Now the next line:

      $conf['compose']['attach_count_limit'] = '10485760';

...you don't really want someone to be able to attach 10,485,760 files to a message, do you? And if that's really the case, set it to zero, which means 'unlimited'.

This gives me the impression that you're changing things in your configuration without really understanding what they do or what the ramifications might be. I suggest you spend some time reading up on the various configuration settings before you actually start changing them and/or even using the system. Many, if not all, of your questions can (and would have been) answered if you simply read, both the documentation on Horde/IMP, as well as the various replies that you've received from this list, from the PHP list, and lately from the Horde and IMP lists.

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