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Re: Decent graphics card with TV out

Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
Em Sex 28 Set 2007, Dotan Cohen escreveu:
I won't make the same mistake twice. I'm replacing the desktop
machine, and I need a graphics card that does these things:
1) Has working TV-out in Fedora
2) Runs GoogleEarth
3) Runs Compiz

I'm on a real budget here, and I'll probably buy off ebay as local
supply is rather limited. I'll buy off list members if someone has a
relevant card lying around. Any suggestions as to which cards are
good, and your experience with them, would be very much appreciated.

Intel video chipsets do all that.


He said he wanted a "graphics card". Intel doesn't make a "video chipset", just a motherboard chipset with integrated graphics.

Until the free ATI drivers are done, Nvidia is still my graphics chipset choice. I'm using a 5200, a 6300, and and 7600 right now without any problems. I only use the non-free Nvidia driver with the 7600 (so I can have the TV out working), the other 2 use the free NV driver.

You'll need the Nvidia driver for tv-out, GoogleEarth and Compiz.



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