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mouse and keyboard: no response

This problem has plagued me through several different kernel versions of FC5, FC6, and FC7 and on two different physical machines. Intermittently, and apparently randomly, the system stops responding to both keyboard and mouse actions. This is my desktop workstation and normally runs X and KDE. I don't know if KDE is part of the problem. I used to run Gnome and I think I had the same problems. I can SSH in from another machine and don't see anything out of the ordinary. There is nothing in the logs.

I am using  USB mouse and keyboard, connected via a little USB switch so I can also use them with my laptop. When the problem occurs I have tried unplugging that and plugging them in directly. The logs show the standard disconnect and connect messages but the system still does not respond to them.

Oh, I am also using an Nvidia graphics card with the binary driver from Nvidia. This problem has persisted through a number of iterations of that driver on different cards on different machines but I am sure someone will tell me that the evil Nvidia stuff is my problem :-) (who knows, maybe it is...)

I also run Windows under VMware on this box. More evil stuff that is probably creating bad karma.

Any suggestions for something else I could check? It is a pain to reboot or to restart X (which in most cases is pretty much equivalent to rebooting for my purposes).

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