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Re: Decent graphics card with TV out

Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 28/09/2007, John Wendel <john wendel metnet navy mil> wrote:
He said he wanted a "graphics card". Intel doesn't make a "video
chipset", just a motherboard chipset with integrated graphics.

Until the free ATI drivers are done, Nvidia is still my graphics
chipset choice. I'm using a 5200, a 6300, and and 7600 right now
without any problems. I only use the non-free Nvidia driver with the
7600 (so I can have the TV out working), the other 2 use the free NV

You'll need the Nvidia driver for tv-out, GoogleEarth and Compiz.

How about the PALIT FX5200 128MB? It's in my price range and available locally.


Dotan Cohen

No direct experience with PALIT, but it looks nice enough on their web site. Nice heat sink! My 5200 is a low end model made by MSI. All these cheap video cards are very generic, made with the Nvidia board reference design in a Chinese factory.



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