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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

>> Nup, I'm calling your bluff.  If you want to argue that ISP costs are
>> really prohibitive, *you* provide some numbers.

> and, do you really think i am going to tell you?

No, not really, it's not your style to back up your rants with facts.  I
expected you to continue blustering, and you have.

> I dont have to justify myself to anyone,

Well, actually you do.  You were the one who tried to argue that we
didn't know how much it costs, that it was more than we thought it was.
Unless you come up with the figures, you can't prove your point.  Not
that we care, we don't think much of your arguments, I certainly don't.
If you can't back them up with facts, they're invalid.  This isn't a
theology debate.

I don't particulary care how much *your* ISP pays, but if you want any
of us to believe that you're not just blowing smoke, you'd have to say
the sorts of costs for the type of equipment, and what it's capacity is.
That sort of thing is *not* secret information.

If we believed you, we'd have to believe that most ISPs are virtually
bankrupt.  But yet they manage to keep being in business, somehow.

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