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Re: php-gd depency problem

From: "Dario Lesca" <d lesca solinos it>
I also have php-5.2.4-1.fc7 and others. They were noticed by 'fedora
package updater'.
But now there are no php-5.2.4-1.fc7 and others on f7 update repos.

I have also this problem.
Probably is a mirror sync problem. The last Fedora php package is
but on many mirror (download.fedora.redhat.com for example :-| )this
package not there is.

Okay i ended up in google search but all mirrors showed up with the 5.2.4-1 packages are all 404.
So i did take a look on rawhide and there where 5.2.4-2 packages.
I did --enablerepo=development and i got finaly php-gd

php-gd                  i386       5.2.4-2          development       111 k
gd                      i386       2.0.35-1.fc8     development       158 k
Updating for dependencies:
glibc                   i686       2.6.90-15        development       5.4 M
glibc-common            i386       2.6.90-15        development        18 M
glibc-devel             i386       2.6.90-15        development       2.0 M
glibc-headers           i386       2.6.90-15        development       605 k
php                     i386       5.2.4-2          development       1.3 M
php-cli                 i386       5.2.4-2          development       2.5 M
php-common              i386       5.2.4-2          development       220 k
php-mbstring            i386       5.2.4-2          development       1.1 M
php-mysql               i386       5.2.4-2          development        80 k
php-pdo                 i386       5.2.4-2          development        59 k

I dont mind its development, i do now see gd generated images instead of red crosses :)


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