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Re: Scribus scripts

On Sat, 2007-09-29 at 11:37 -0400, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> David C. Chipman wrote:
> > I just checked out your bug report, and I noticed that you didn't
> > indicate which platforms were affected. I certainly know you have it
> > typed in, but there is a drop down selection for "Platform" as well,
> > and it is currently set to "ALL". Could you please change that? I
> > tried, and it wouldn't let me. Thank you, 
> If you can tell me how to indicate that it affects both x86_64 and
> ppc64*, I'll consider it.  AFAICT, the drop-down only allows one arch
> to be selected, which is not correct in this case.
> IMHO, this does apply to all hardware, as it's a bug in the spec file.
> It only happens to become visible on *64 arches. :)
> * at least, it likely affects other 64bit arches if they use a libdir
>   other than /usr/lib
thanks Todd...

believe it or not, I searched bugzilla first but thought that I would
poll the list before I created the bugzilla entry. You beat me to the

Since these replies came in after I left work on Friday, I didn't have a
chance to look at my one Fedora 7 PPC but I will check on Monday but I
suspect that you are correct.

I will also download the srpm and try out your suggestion and report
back to your bugzilla entry...thanks


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