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Re: SATA and IDE Hard Drives

Claude Jones wrote:
On Sat September 29 2007, Karl Larsen wrote:
As I recall this new motherboard said something like SATA ATA. So I was
too green to read what I should have into that. I do not have SATA II
but will locate my motherboard book and make sure.

TigerDirect has a habit of offering seemingly great-sounding deals but usually, they're just cleaning out previous technology inventory. You have to really know the technology and read between the lines and all the fine lines to know exactly what you're getting -- most of the big box retailers do the same, but I've found Tiger to be a little more blatant about it with their big in-your-face hyper-exagerated advertising

Yes they do show everything in it's best light. I bought a "package deal" which sounded good and was. I got a small black box from Ultra Micro Fly and it is a "Micro ATX Case" which has things you unscrew and you put the mother board on a tray on your desk to mount the cpu and such things. The hard drives have a holder that you take out and screw them in and then screw the holder back in.

The mother board has everything and after nVIDIA provided the Linux drivers for the video card everything works. The cpu is twice as fast as my old one. So I got a new computer for $150.00 and didn't have to pay for Windows of course.

It has a 2 SATA plug but it is not the SATA II which I learned about today. It says the SATA data goes to the pci buss. It works but not as fast as I thought.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
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