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Re: SATA and IDE Hard Drives

On Saturday September 29 2007 12:41:52 pm Karl Larsen wrote:
>  The mother board has everything and after nVIDIA provided the
> Linux drivers for the video card everything works. The cpu is
> twice as fast as my old one. So I got a new computer for
> $150.00 and didn't have to pay for Windows of course.
>     It has a 2 SATA plug but it is not the SATA II which I
> learned about today. It says the SATA data goes to the pci
> buss. It works but not as fast as I thought.

At that price, I'll bet you got a dual-core as opposed to 
core-duo processor, which is fine, but, not the newer even 
faster technology; and I'd bet that you got a slower FSB, less 
memory capacity and slower memory, and maybe regular SATA as 
opposed to SATA II, though on this last, I doubt it - however, 
the drive you bought may be only SATA I, that's pretty common 
still, and if you plug that into a SATA II controller, it's 
still only going to run at the slower speed. 

Unless you're doing big database crunching or video editing or 
similar things, I'm sure you'll be quite happy, so this is not 
intended as a criticism of your purchase at all. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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