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Re: Why radeontool?

>Doug Wyatt <dwyatt sunflower com> writes:
>> Yesterday, when I ran 'yum update' on F7 I got two packages
>> installed for which I can't find a reason (see yum log
>> excerpt below).
>> The two new packages are vbetool and radeontool.  From
>> what I can find, both used to be part of pm-utils.
>> I really don't know about vbetool, maybe it's needed, but
>> radeontool is described as:
>>    "radeontool is a hack to save some battery on an
>>     ATI Radeon Mobility graphics chip. Radeontool can
>>     turn off and on the backlight and external video
>>     output."
>> But, my platform is a desktop, not a laptop, with a GeForce
>> 6800 GT video card.
>> Using yumex, I tried uninstalling radeontool to see what
>> depended on it; there were nearly 200 of them and pretty
>> much none of those were optional. They included most of
>> the OpenOffice pkgs, Control-Center and system-config-*,
>> for example.
>> Can anyone explain, or even speculate, why radeontool?
Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs math uh edu> wrote:
> It (and vbetool) were split out of pm-utils.

If I assume that you saw that I noted this, myself, then
may I assume that you imply that radeontool became a
dependency simply because its parent package was one, and
not because it's actually needed?

Is this also because RPM is blind to hardware, beyond CPU


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