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Re: preemtible Kernel

Boris Glawe wrote:
Fernando ApesteguĂ­a schrieb:
Non preemptible kernels are suited for servers
Voluntary preempt. kernels for desktops
Full preempt kernels for low latency desktops.

Would it be worth to recompile the kernel with "preemptible kernel" enabled, as I'm using my linux installation on a desktop machine? Or is the gain only measurable but not noticeable?

If you use your computer for music production, you might run into problems with audible clicks in the sound if you don't use a real time kernel, limiting i.e. the number of tracks you can record or play back at the same time. There are other factors as well, so depending on HOW you make music you might not need full preemtion. Other people know more about the practical ramifications than I do, though.

If you'd like to make music on your Fedora system, check out the PlanetCCRMA website, which also have customized kernels and so on.


There might be other areas with similar needs, but most of them are probably not of very mainstream use(?).


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