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Re: Artsd seems to hang

Op zondag 30 september 2007, schreef Kelly:
> On Saturday, September 29, 2007 3:35:32 am Andy Esten wrote:
> > During the login phase I hear the sound from the kde login event. But at
> > some time the arts sound systems seems to halt. I cannot even stop artsd
> > with a normal (TERM) kill. I have to use kill -9 (SIGKILL) to terminate
> > artsd.
> Yeah, KDE is awesome but aRts is retardedly flimsy.  I usually try to avoid
> using it and have things pump through another daemon (PulseAudio).  KDE
> itself has to use aRts but the system seems to have an easier time with it,
> vs trying to use aRts for most sound...

This means there is no solution for aRts? My configuration worked flawless 
with Fedora Core 6. 

I have tested some further and I think it has something to do with kmail. When 
several accounts have new mail kmail reports this event with a sound. For 
some reason this will cause the aRts deadlock/hang. How can I investigate 
this any further?


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