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Re: Alias for pen drives

Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> On 9/30/07, Andrea Mastellone <andrea mastellone fastwebnet it> wrote:
>>> The alias '/dev/dvd' is for dvd. What is the alias for pen drives?
>> It depends on the label on the filesystem of the pen. Usually, you will
>> find it mounted in /media directory. In my case, it is /media/disk.
> Thanks, Andrea. Precisely, I am looking for a label that does not
> depend on the filesystem, likewise '/dev/dvd'. If I insert my pen
> drive and run the command 'df- h', I can see that '/dev/sdd1'
> corresponds to the pen drive. However, this label ('dev/sdd1') depends
> on the filesystem.

Not quite... that is not a label, but the device node for the drive and
partitions.  These are assigned to be the "next free one", so if you
inserted a USB stick and it was given /dev/sdd, if you insert a second
stick without removing the first it will be given /dev/sde.  So there is
no "sticky" association between a particular USB drive and the device
(/dev/sdd, /dev/sde, etc) it gets given, nor are the contents of the
filesystem(s) on the partition(s) examined at that point.

Separately, there is support for automounting inserted filesystems like
Andrea and Matthew said.  At that point is goes and looks if there is a
label associated with the filesystem and if there is, uses it to define
the mountpoint name under /media.


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