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Re: Alias for pen drives

Paul Smith wrote:
> Dear All,
> The alias '/dev/dvd' is for dvd. What is the alias for pen drives?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
Normally, there is not an alias created for pen drives. They are
usually auto-mounted if there is a user logged into the GUI on the
local console. If you need a specific alias for a pen drive, you can
create a udev rule for it. Depending on what you match on, it can be
as specific as an alias for one pen drive, one model of pen drive,
or all pend drives from a particular manufacture. You could also
have one for all USB storage devices by matching on device type. (I
believe they all report the same device type.) The thing to watch
out for is that your rule does not try to create the same symlink
for a new device as a device that is currently plugged in.

Managing a symlink for a built-in DVD drive is easy - you are not
normally going to be removing the drive while the system is running.
For hotplugable devices, it is more complicated. (It is also
complicated when you have more then one DVD drive installed...) When
auto-mounting devices, HAL has a set of rules that it follows in
deciding on the name to use. If the filesystem(s) had a label, then
that is used. It is modified slightly if that label is already in
use. If that fails, it tries to use the device name string. If that
fails, then uses a generic name. (Some releases of HAL had problems
with unlabeled devices.)


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