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Re: basic question about assigning ip address

Peter Horst wrote:
> Adalbert Prokop wrote:
>> Peter Horst wrote on Sunday 30 September 2007:
>> > I have a Fedora machine I'm using as a home server, without a keyboard
>> > or monitor. I'd like to set it up such that upon rebooting it first
>> > checks to see if there is a DHCP server on the network, and if so,
>> > grabs an ip address from it.  But if there isn't one, it assigns itself
>> > a static address.  Is this doable?
>> Yes, it's possible, but I agree with Jacques and Ed, that it is not
>> desirable. A server should use a static address. So much for an advise.
>> What you want is possible using dhclient hooks. Those are scripts
>> called by dhclient. Depending on the status dhclient provides to them
>> they can do anything a script can do. "man dhclient-script" is your
>> friend.
>> I use those scripts on my notebook to setup IPv4LL addresses (local
>> link adresses, if there is no DHCP server available.
>> Together with Avahi they make ad-hoc networks really easy.
>> I attach both dhclient-hooks as example how to use hooks. They both
>> live in /etc and should be executable.
> [Warning: second question attached :-) ]
> Thanks for all the help and advice - sorry, I could have described the
> situation better - the actual problem I'm trying to solve here has to do
> with trying to find a  wireless router that I can use with my Linux
> server (with a static address).
> I used to have a Linksys WRT54GX4, which was great until it stopped
> working, and I had to spend hours on the phone with customer service
> reps dumber than me, and the RMA replacement arrived DOA.  The Linksys
> had the ability to function as a switch (wrong word?) - that is, it
> would pass traffic straight through to two machines on my internal
> network, both of which had static, public IP addresses - one, the
> server, connected via CAT5, and the other, a Windows laptop, connected
> wirelessly.
> Because of the customer-services & quality-control issues Linksys was
> having, I tried switching to a Zyxel X-550 wireless router. 
> Unfortunately it does not seem to have the ability to cope properly with
> public IP addresses on my internal network.
> So I thought that if it were an simple matter to configure my Linux
> server in the way I've described, it would make the (temporary) process
> of fiddling around with various bits of networking equipment easier.
> So, all that being said, do you have any technical recommendations? 
> Hope I have adequately described the problem...
> Thanks -
A temporary fix might be to set the server as a DMZ host - it would
respond to the IP address the router is using. It would not help
with a static public IP for the laptop.


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