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Re: Thank You list

Karl Larsen wrote:
From about 3 months ago I was happy running FC4 because I was not aware what the later versions could do. Then I d/l FC6 thinking that was what I wanted. A week later I bought a new DVD drive because the old one was full of dirt and d/l F7.

I tried F7 before there were 10 updates. I discovered as you all know, that the new Fedora is going to be rough before it gets updates to clear up the many problems. I got disgusted with F7 and went back to FC6.

A few weeks later I again went to F7 and got the many updates and it started working a lot better. Then I put F7 on my laptop and over a couple of weeks where the List helped me over the hump and F7 on my laptop started working with WiFi. It was a lot of fun since then because I had no idea so many WiFi sources are in town.

Now F7 is working well and we are awaiting the arrival of F8 and this whole thing will start over again, Now there are 20 messages a day. When F8 is available it will jump to 100 messages a day.

Yes, if you mean messages of the "this doesn't work again" variety. That's business as usual for a fedora release. If you don't want to participate in testing and debugging the new set of changes, just don't upgrade until the next version is several months old. Personally I usually wait for the k12ltsp release partly for the additional content and partly because it is a respin that includes all the updates at the time it is released after testing.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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