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Re: basic question about assigning ip address

Peter Horst wrote on Sunday 30 September 2007:

> [Warning: second question attached :-) ]

I do not really see the relation to your previous problem, but let's try 
to solve this one. ;)

> The Linksys
> had the ability to function as a switch (wrong word?) - that is, it
> would pass traffic straight through to two machines on my internal
> network, both of which had static, public IP addresses (...)

Just to help get it straight: you have *one* connection to the internet, 
on which you use at least *two* public IPs, don't you?

                              +--+ Linux Server |
.----------.     .-------.    |  `--------------'
| Internet +-----a Zyxel b----+
`----------'     `-------'    |  .----------------.
                              +--+ Windows Laptop |

Your Zyxel router must have *two* public IPs on its connection to the 
internet and it should pass the traffic either to the linux server or the 
windows laptop, right?

All depends on your Zyxel router and the type of your internet connection. 
If it is fully customizable (e.g. with a decent linux distro inside) then 
I'd try to setup bridging between interface "a" and "b". If the router has 
to establish a PPP connection first, then "ppp0" and "b" would be the 
participants of the bridged interface.

In case you have a direct internet connection (ethernet, fully functional 
without PPP or something like this) you could simply plug in 
the "internet wire" right next to your servers jack, connecting all 
devices together through the Zyxel's internal switch. The Zyxel will then 
merely be a switch (with WLAN connection).

If this did not solve your problem (what probably is the case ;)) the 
please decribe first the topology of your network and the type of your 
internet connection.


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