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Re: basic question about assigning ip address

Peter Horst wrote:
> I have 4 addresses total, 66.92.blah.blah.   My setup, until the Linksys
> broke, was (from "outside" to "inside"):
> ADSL modem
> Linksys (connected to the DSL not via its "WAN" port, but via one of its
> "LAN" ports)
> Windows Laptop (66.92.blah.bleh) - Linux "server" (66.92.bleh.blah)
> That's it - pretty simple setup - the only wrinkle was the bit about the
> Linksys not running NAT or DHCP, but just passing the traffic through to
> the "internal" devices.
> Thank you - as a last-second thought, it occurs to me that I might be
> able to connect the Server directly to the DSL modem, then connect the
> Zyxel to that - it's not really important to me that the laptop have its
> own address.
> Peter
Does the Zyxel have an option to turn off its DHCP server? If so,
you could use the same setup as you were using with the Linksys.
Turning on or off NAT should not be a problem, because that is
normally only between the WAN port the the rest of the network. It
should have no affect on the machines connected on the LAN side in
this case.


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