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Re: Infrastructure status, 2008-08-16 UTC 1530

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Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
> The main Fedora developers and Red Hat have a strong background of
> respectability, so I deposit my trust that if it was such a thing we'd
> be notified about it.
> Calm down, and wait, I'm sure we'll know soon enough.

well said.

all of this chatter back and forth is really of no point.
people really do need to calm down.

give consideration to a very important fact, there was notification given
thru 'fedora-announce-list'.

anyone who is not subscribed to 'fedora-announce-list' have no one other
than them selves to blame for not being aware.

fact that something such as this has happened, it would be best that all
who are not subscribed to 'fedora-announce-list', should do so.

paul w frields sent notice to 'fedora-announce-list' 8/14/2008 2315hrs utc.
dave stevens replied, which went to 'fedora-list' 8/15/2008 2058hrs utc.

from what i see in 'fedora-list', nothing started until 8/16/2008.

this only goes to show that there are a lot on 'fedora-list' that do not
pay attention to what is posted on 'fedora-list'.

so, chill out.

i well believe that once all has been inspected, and there is a lot for
fedora/redhat groups to inspect, every one will be informed of just what
happened and what needs to be done.

no need to reply. just kick back and wait.

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