Infrastructure status, 2008-08-16 UTC 1530

Alan Cox alan at
Mon Aug 18 18:10:58 UTC 2008

> list the best thing we can do? Or is it just the best thing we can do
> right now given our current tools?   Nothing's ever perfect but their
> maybe room to try something new with regard to communication
> mechanisms... if there are people willing to put the effort in to
> build it.

Some suggestions:

- An RSS feed for *important* announcements that is picked up by default
by the package updater or similar but can be unsubscribed from if users
- Ability for yum to get an error message from a repository and report it.
- Sticking important stuff on the *front* of the fedora project web site.

There is a different issue about what is said and leaving people in the
dark assuming the worst - a very bad way to create long term trust.


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