Too new readline on FC8

Peter J. Stieber developer at
Fri Feb 1 06:31:22 UTC 2008

PS = Peter J. Stieber
PS>> Somehow I managed to load readline-5.2-9.fc8.x86_64
PS>> on my Fedora 8 box.  It seems to be newer than any
PS>> version currently available from the  standard mirrors
PS>> (readline-5.2-7.fc8).  I only point to standard
PS>> mirrors.  Maybe this newer version was temporarily
PS>> made available, then removed.

JD = Jonathan Dieter
JD> FWIW, I have readline-5.2-9.fc8 on my systems; it came
JD> through on January 17.

It's causing me grief...

# package-cleanup --orphans
Setting up yum

Johnathan, do you have yum-utils installed?

Do you see the same thing?

Thanks for the help,

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