Finding minimized GNOME windows on a VNC desktop

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Fri Feb 1 08:58:30 UTC 2008

>>>>> "David" == David Timms <dtimms at> writes:

    David> Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> I have configured a vncserver to use my normal GNOME desktop.
    David> Using which method ?

    >> But the bottom panel is empty, and I can't find minimized
    >> windows, nor switch between virtual desktop panes.
    >> As a result, if I minimize a window, it is gone forever.

    David> Are you logged in to the GUI twice eg locally and through
    David> VNC ?  Previously, that did not work very well, with
    David> certain applets having trouble starting and the launchers
    David> stopping working. It might still be the case.

That was the problem (the remote system is running Fedora 7, BTE).

Thank you.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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