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On Friday 01 February 2008 05:22:39 Les Mikesell wrote:
> Kelly Miller wrote:

<lots of stuff snipped>

> >>> Asking why 3rd party stuff doesn't work when they're considered
> >>> outside the system is a little odd, wouldn't you say?
> >>
> >> No, I wouldn't say that.  As with any other operating systems, I
> >> expect to be able to run other programs on it.
> >
> > So do I.  I note that I have no problems running 3rd party programs on
> > Fedora.  I generally just choose not to.  However, things like VMWare
> > work.
> >>> It isn't Fedora's fault that VMWare's sytem doesn't work with it; ask
> >>> VMWare why, since the stuff is set up by them.
> >>
> >> When the same program works on one version of an operating system but
> >> not on another, there's nothing to ask.  The operating system has
> >> clearly failed to provide a usable interface.

No Les,

Fedora specifically says it will be a bleeding-edge distro. It specifically 
says it will have a short release cycle and a short EOL. You can't have a 
bleeding-edge distro with a short EOL and have very stable interfaces.

If you want stable interfaces then go for RHEL/CentOS or Debian stable.

> >
> > Did you mention things like this about Windows?  Every version suffers
> > from this problem.  Just ask the people trying to switch to Vista.
> Security updates are still being provided to XP so existing users aren't
> being forced to switch yet as they are continuously in fedora, and
> there's a chance they will have it mostly fixed by SP2 time.  In any
> case I can deal with a change once a decade or so. But yes, I will
> complain if any of my current programs don't continue to run or else
> have push-button updates to fix them.

You try to buy a PC from Dell recently with XP installed. I presume most of 
the major manufacturers are the same. It's Vista or bust. Now lets see we had 
Windows-98 Windows-nt Windows-2000 Windows-XP Windows-Vista  all in the last 
decade. That's not counting the home versions versus the professional 
versions. Lots of these had incompatibilities.
A chance ;-) XP-SP2 hasn't fixed XP problems why should Vista-SP2 be expected 
to fix Vista problems.


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