Kernel Tainting Video Installer *almost* finished

Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Fri Feb 1 13:41:20 UTC 2008

I built my new box a few days ago (x2 5200+) and put F8 on one of the 
partitions - so I got to actually test and *somewhat* finish that shell 
script for automated livna installation of closed source video drivers.

I looked and looked for a published pci id list for supported ati cards 
but couldn't find one - so it's detection of ati cards is extremely weak.

It's detection of nvidia cards though is pretty good, at least as good 
as nvidia's published list.

It looks for ati first - and even if found, continues to look for nvidia 
- and goes for legacy then 96xx then current.

There may be a better way (IE detect only the video card main display is 
attached to) but I figured if someone has more than one card, it's 
probably and onboard and a expansion card, and the expansion is more 
likely to have the display attached and be newer chipset and maybe need 
newer driver. So for nvidia drivers, if newer is found, that's what the 
radio list selection defaults to. User can still change it though.

Anyway - I think I'm done with it, if anyone wants to fix ati detection, 
have at it.

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