installing f8/hang at 'loading ata_piix' PROGRESS but now 'ata1.00 exception .... frozen'

Mark Knoop mark at
Fri Feb 1 14:52:44 UTC 2008

John Minson wrote:
> by 'installer' do you mean the boot parms ?


> Mark Knoop wrote:
>> John Minson wrote:
>>> after fighting with the 'loading ata_piix driver' issue I managed to 
>>> get fc8 installed via a usb dvd drive . the install went fine but now 
>>> when I boot off the hd (sata) I eventually get
>>> ata1.00 exception emask 0x0 sactt serr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen
>>> it then displays 'loading udev' and hangs
>>> once again this problem (or some variant there of) has been reported 
>>> lots but no clear indication of what to do.
>>> I keep seeing references to the 'libpata' module having issues
>> I had similar issues (what is your hardware?) which I finally solved by
>> telling the installer which modules to load instead of relying on the
>> probe. I also have to use the 'noirqdebug' because of irq problems with
>> my motherboard bios.
>> Try appending the following to your install line:
>> module=ata_piix module=pata_jmicron module=ata_generic noirqdebug
>> and:
>> noirqdebug
>> to the kernel line in grub.

Mark Knoop

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