Nautilus annoyances - can configuration change these, if so how?

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> Subject: Nautilus annoyances - can configuration change these, if so how? 

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> text/plain; charset=us-ascii I tend to use the command line most of 
> the time but I occasionally use Nautilus when, for example, I'm 
> housekeeping image files and it's useful to be able to see the images. 
> However, for me, nautilus has some very annoying defaults and I'm 
> wondering if they can be changed, i.e. :- Nautilus opens a new window 
> for every directory, this rapidly gets annoying with deep hierarchies. 
> Is the
Install Gnome Configuration Editor

Configuration Editor > / > apps > nautilus > preferences :
Check "always_use_browser"


> re an option to get Nautilus to open a new directory/folder in the 
> *same* window? (Windows can do it, when using XP I always have this 
> option set) When using the File - Open Location option nautilus 
> defaults the location to the home directory *and* selects it so that 
> it overwrites what's in the clipboard. This is *intensely* annoying if 
> you have just carefully selected the directory you want to go to (in 
> another window) and have put it in the copy buffer already. Can I turn 
> off the auto-entry of the home directory and/or the automatic 
> selection of the text?
> -- Chris Green
Not sure, check the preferences in Config editor


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