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Arthur Pemberton pemboa at
Fri Feb 1 19:29:25 UTC 2008

On Feb 1, 2008 12:27 PM, Chris Jones <jonesc at> wrote:
> > Freedom doesn't consist of telling other people what they want.  It is
> > about everyone having choices.
> Indeed. You have the choice not to use Fedora, if you don't like the
> choices it has taken as a community of users. You are free to use
> another distro that fits your expectations of stability, such as Centros.
> Why you persist in trying to suggest Fedora should turn into something
> it doesn't want to be, and extremely unlikely to ever be, is beyond me.
> Chris

I think he's testing Einstein's theory that given enough attempts,
anything is possible.

Fedora 7 : sipping some of that moonshine
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