No sound after last kernel update.

hackob hackob at
Sat Feb 2 03:11:11 UTC 2008

El vie, 01-02-2008 a las 20:46 -0500, Mark C. Allman escribió:
> Actually, you have two sound cards: card 0 (2-in-1 Phone) and card 1
> (Intel ICH5 Modem).  If you didn't have any sound cards then you'd see
> the error I'm getting.  Is a "2-in-1 Phone" device actually a device to
> play audio?  If so, then run the Soundcard Detection applet (menu System

Mark, you gave me a sign that I didn't see, the 2-in-1 Phone is a device
that let me use a standard phone with skype, I just unplug it and all
was solved.

Nothing related with recent kernel update it was only a coincidence,
sorry fedora :).


> -> Administration -> Soundcard detection), select your device, and click
> the "Play" button (click "repeat" to keep it playing).  If you hear the
> guitar playing then your problem is just a device permissions issue.
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