Good bye: Res has a potty-mouth.

Peter Gordon peter at
Sat Feb 2 07:48:44 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 15:47 +1000, Res wrote:
> [...], because its much easier to lable someone a 
> foul-mouth troll, than to think that hte foul-mouth troll might have a
> valid point.

Having a valid point is no excuse for not presenting it in a respectful
manner. If you believe something needs to be fixed, please let us know
what it is. 

We love constructive criticism! Really, we do. It's one of the very
_foundations_ of F/OSS development. Please let us know what you feel is
wrong, and how perhaps we could fix it. However, if you simply tell us
"this is wrong. you people suck" (which is effectively what your wording
in earlier mails is doing), then we can do nothing about it. 

Instead, choose your wording in a less inflammatory way. For example:
"This foo-thing is wrong. Here's why: insert-reason-here. Perhaps if we
did bar-action it could be fixed."

> Ah but this is a mailing list, I care not for typos :)
Heh. =P
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