Fedora 8 Won't Install using DD0203 DVD/CD Drive

Rick Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Sat Feb 2 08:06:18 UTC 2008

I had reported problems with installing Fedora 8 on an Athlon 64-bit
system. The install DVD would start but then couldn't access the DVD
(couldn't seem to find the DVD drive even though the system booted from
the install disk - would ask what type of device had the images and/or
wanted to install a driver disk).

I changed the DVD drive to an older DVD/CD burner drive and the
installation works just fine. The drive that wouldn't work is labeled as
a DD0203 DVD+/-RW. There is no brand name. I did a search and found it


The front panel matches the picture exactly. There is Windows software
to download to check the drive info and DOS or Windows software to flash
the drive (which requires using a floppy drive - not sure if this would
work in wine).

So the problem with the drive could be that it needs new firmware. Or it
could be something else. Not sure how this drive differs from the older
DVD drive that works.

Rick B.

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