X Server crashing

Da Rock rock_on_the_web at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 2 12:25:37 UTC 2008

Fortunately I have solved my gdm problem (2 weeks too late), but now I have a problem with my X, not my ex (pardon the humor, I'm in a funny mood :P).

I would like to solve this myself, but I have several windows open including firefox, and when I minimise firefox it dies and tries to restart but ends up being a blank screen- I can't even cross to a tty console. Funny thing is that I have a similar problem when I switch X consoles at times.

My setup is this (hence the strange looks you'd having reading the last sentence): I have the standard tty consoles, and 3 X consoles for users (I have several users using the machine, so this way they don't have to log out and can simply switch users by tapping a few keys. I set it up under FreeBSD and was very happy with the effects- Ubuntu couldn't handle it), and one X console now for remote login to other machines. All works quite happily, except now I have a problem with user switching via the ctl-alt-F* - If say I am logged in, and another user wishes to use the computer so keys are pressed, my screen is locked and they login on another console, when I come back my login may have lost it, and when I try to return to the other users login or another X console I just get black screen- I can't even get to a tty.

I also have some applets which when I change preferences won't save these, so I have to set them each time I login.

What I would like to know here is how I can get some logging, messages, debug, whatever so I can work out whats happening here. I looked under /varlog/ and checked out both gdm and xorg logs and didn't find anything useful. I then moved on to every other log but still nothing. Is this a setting I need to adjust so that this stuff is logged? Or is it automatic? Or is it just hiding?


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