NetworkManager and a boot-time network connection in F8

Mike mike.cloaked at
Sat Feb 2 16:34:20 UTC 2008

Timothy Murphy <gayleard <at>> writes:

> I looked quickly at this, and it wasn't clear to me
> if you were running NetworkManager or not.
> Whichever it is, you should perhaps state it explicitly?

My web page is for wpa_supplicant and specifically NOT NetworkManager.
The reason is that I wanted to be able to get the wireless up and running
at boot time and not have to mess with getting wireless going after logging
in to the desktop.(Mainly because this was for a non-tech user with a laptop
that just wanted the machine to boot and and be connected without having to
do anything manually - so I set it up to achieve this)

Hence the only way I could find to sensibly to this was to use wpa_supplicant
and avoid any use of NetworkManager. Maybe this will change in the future
if NetworkManager functionality is changed.

Hope this helps.

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