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Sat Feb 2 18:45:59 UTC 2008

Richard England <rlengland at> wrote:  Les Mikesell wrote:
> Michael A. Peters wrote:
>> I'll never forget the bug report I filed with a repeatable (on my 
>> end) segmentation fault when running the grep command. Guess what was 
>> responsible? the nvidia driver.
> Ummm, OK, code has bugs. More news at 11...
> > Closed source kmods sometimes
>> do funky things.
> As opposed to? I've had several cases where the stock fedora kernel 
> update would not boot at all on MPT scsi controllers.
>> Let the *user* be responsible for breaking their machine by 
>> installing the driver. Then the issue is between the user and nVidia 
>> - not the user and Fedora.
> Let's put this discussion off until all the bugs in the rest of the 
> system have been fixed. Firewire is my poster child for the state of 
> the system drivers, but it doesn't make sense to point out someone 
> else's bugs until everything in bugzilla is closed. Besides, there's 
> a good chance that the bug you saw was really cause by an interface 
> change on the kernel side.
>> It is easy enough to get the drivers, it is very well documented on 
>> several blogs and websites.
> What does that mean?
>> Therefore, Fedora SHOULD wash their hands of kernel tainting modules.
> Unless they'd like to have some users.


What OS DO you like. I'm just curious.


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  I believe the answer to that would be "none," unless of course on the off chance some distro/windoze combo just by accident happend to run all his apps and hardware perfectly, with no problems whatsoever.  So go see an Astrologer and find out when the planets will be properly aligned for that so I can start getting ready too!
  Mike made some good points effortlessly refuted by Les in rather non-specific terms (more news?), essentially illustrating for the umpteenth time, there is no viable middle ground for this discususion from a distro-philosophic standpoint.
  But it sure is fun watching the ongoing squabble!

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