Question on Fedora's RPM of Mailmail and Sendmail

Ben Kamen bkamen at
Sat Feb 2 21:25:22 UTC 2008

Todd Zullinger wrote:

> Do you have SELinux in enforcing mode?

I have it completely disabled since the installation. (and I doubled checked the 
sysconfig/selinux file for this email. ;) )

> Hmmm, on an F8 box with a fresh install of mailman and everything else
> up to date (including the updates-testing repository), I don't see
> this particular error.  I do get a failed delivery with SELinux in
> enforcing mode though.  The bounce in my case is:

I'm using FC-7 not 8... so I don't know what diff's might exist there... but..
moving along.

> Setting SELinux to permissive lets the mail go through.  So there
> appear to be some policy tweaks needed.

Hmmm, and in my case where it's disabled?

> It's likely that testing with SELinux in enforcing mode hasn't been
> tested well.  Since mailman can be used with a variety of MTA's and
> involves a bit of work after installing the rpm to finish the setup, I
> can undertstand this.  I hadn't tested mailman with sendmail in many
> years until today.  I typically use Postfix since it integrates with
> mailman much nicer IMO.

I would offer the argument that this is a matter of what user/group sendmail is 
running as vs. what user/group mailman was built to run with.

As for Postfix, I'm a sendmail fan and use it with all the other goodies
one might use with sendmail to control spam (mimedefang, spamassassin) so
moving from sendmail won't happen in the near future just as I'm comfy with
it and have my plate filled with other things (that are part of my j-o-b).


> See if running "setenforce 0" as root changes the behavior.  If it
> does, then we should gather up the AVC messages from SELinux and
> report them to bugzilla so Dan Walsh can push out a corrected SELinux
> policy that allows mailman to operate with sendmail.

again, my SElinux is disabled, so what might you recommend?

Thanks for the fast reply!


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