firefox won't launch

peter lesterhuis peterlesterhuis at
Sat Feb 2 21:59:09 UTC 2008

> In order to visit a secured website I tried to import my certificate.
> > I need to visit the website for my job. Until now I have to reboot
> > into Windows and I am getting tired of having to do that. I was
> > issued to download software from VerSign and then restart the
> > browser. So I did. Now firefox doesn't start at all.
> > I removed ff en then reinstalled, but it still won't lauch. Konqueror
> > does though.
> > Does anyone have a clue?
> After you launch it, the process keeps running but the window does not 
> open or it terminates by itself right after launch?
> What does it say when you launch it from the console?
When I launchit from the console nothing happens at all. When I launch 
from the icon on the gnome panel there is some action for about 5 
seconds and then it stops.

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