Question on Fedora's RPM of Mailmail and Sendmail

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Sat Feb 2 22:15:53 UTC 2008

Ben Kamen wrote:
> Todd Zullinger wrote:
>> Do you have SELinux in enforcing mode?
> I have it completely disabled since the installation. (and I doubled 
> checked the sysconfig/selinux file for this email. ;) )

Well, then there should be no SELinux issues.  Forget I even mentioned
it.  :)

> I'm using FC-7 not 8... so I don't know what diff's might exist
> there... but..  moving along.

It could be relevant, though I doubt there are significant
differences.  You could poke the spec files and patches in Fedora's

> I would offer the argument that this is a matter of what user/group
> sendmail is running as vs. what user/group mailman was built to run
> with.

The Fedora mailman package is patched so that it can run as multiple
mail groups.  The upstream mailman source makes you choose one group
at build time and would make it rough to have one mailman rpm that
worked with postfix, sendmail, or other MTA's.

> As for Postfix, I'm a sendmail fan and use it with all the other
> goodies one might use with sendmail to control spam (mimedefang,
> spamassassin) so moving from sendmail won't happen in the near
> future just as I'm comfy with it and have my plate filled with other
> things (that are part of my j-o-b).

No problem.  I'm not here to try and persuade you to switch. :)

There are some tools to make adding the aliases when new lists are
created more automatic when using sendmail.  I'm not sure what they
are or how well they integrate with the mailman rpms from Fedora.  But
that's something to worry about after the basic functionality is
working, for sure.

I know with postfix, it's possible to get the gid errors if you add
the aliases directly to the main /etc/aliases file.  This is because
postfix will run the commands in the aliases as the owner/group of the
alias file.  So for mailman, you create an alias file just for the
mailman aliases, with group mailman.

Now, for sendmail I don't think this same thing applies.  In the test
I did I added the aliases to /etc/aliases and things worked (once
SELinux was set to permissive).  I only mention this in case there's
something different about how you setup the aliases that may jump out
at you as a potential cause for sendmail running the mailman wrapper
script with group mailnull.

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