firefox won't launch

Konstantin Svist fry.kun at
Sat Feb 2 22:24:07 UTC 2008

peter lesterhuis wrote:
>> In order to visit a secured website I tried to import my certificate.
>> > I need to visit the website for my job. Until now I have to reboot
>> > into Windows and I am getting tired of having to do that. I was
>> > issued to download software from VerSign and then restart the
>> > browser. So I did. Now firefox doesn't start at all.
>> > I removed ff en then reinstalled, but it still won't lauch. Konqueror
>> > does though.
>> > Does anyone have a clue?
>> After you launch it, the process keeps running but the window does 
>> not open or it terminates by itself right after launch?
>> What does it say when you launch it from the console?
> When I launchit from the console nothing happens at all. When I launch 
> from the icon on the gnome panel there is some action for about 5 
> seconds and then it stops.
> Peter

By any chance, are you using ATI driver (fglrx) in dual-screen mode, 
while not connected to an external monitor? That happens to me sometimes.

I think it's some bug in firefox that can't deal with some 
configuration.. All you need to do is use xrandr (I use krandrtray) to 
set the correct resolution, run "killall firefox-bin" if you had started 
any sessions already, then start firefox again

If this issue is not related, start firefox in console with -safe-mode 
flag, see it that helps. If not, try erasing (renaming) your profile 


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