Question on Fedora's RPM of Mailmail and Sendmail

Ben Kamen bkamen at
Sat Feb 2 23:28:41 UTC 2008

Todd Zullinger wrote:
> There is a sendmail link in /usr/lib/sendmail though, so it would be
> fine if that's the path that mailman used.

I did a locate, but now I just did a specific ls -l.. wow - talk about softlink 
hell. What has FC come to? (sigh)

> But it's irrelevant anyway, since that setting only applies if you set
> the DELIVERY_MODULE to Sendmail.  And if you check the comments in
> about that, you'll see that you are warned against this:

Which I don't.

> # WARNING: Sendmail has security holes and should be avoided.  In
> # fact, you must read the Mailman/Handlers/ file before it
> # will work for you.
> #
> #DELIVERY_MODULE = 'Sendmail'

Yea, I saw that...

and to the notes earlier about sendmail integration, there's an .MC file to 
handle list at mailman.your.domain which reroutes all those though the mailer in 
sendmail rather than through aliases... I'm not needing the former, so I'm using 
the latter. I run like < 10 lists, so aliases are fine with me.


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